New Jersey Statewide Bathing Suit and Goggle Drive 2023

The New Jersey Swim Safety Alliance has joined forces with the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association and Dolfin Swimwear in a statewide Bathing Suit and Goggle Drive for 2023. Why?

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1 to 4. Did you know that in New Jersey we lose an average of 10 children to drowning every year? Aquatics professionals know that swimming lessons are essential to the safety of children, especially in underserved communities.

Many agencies and swim schools around the state have risen up against this threat by providing swimming instruction for little or no cost to children.

But why then, do many children go underserved? There are three major barriers to kids learning to swim: Cost, Transportation and Proper Bathing Attire.

NJSSA, NJRPA and Dolfin Swimwear are determined to eliminate one of those barriers:  Proper Swim Attire!

Without proper swim attire, children cannot gain access to swim lessons, or for that matter public swim facilities without a bathing suit. Children swimming in natural water without proper swim attire greatly increases this risk.

For many of us, it is hard to imagine that a child does not have a simple piece of clothing like a bathing suit, but aquatics professionals will tell you that many children and families are turned away from public swimming venues because of it.

How can you help?

Be a part of the solution. Form a drive with friends, neighbors, your church or charitable organization.

Pools, waterparks, and swim schools around the state are offering incentives for people to donate bathing suits and goggles. Dozens of public pools and swim schools have already started their collections.

This campaign, started by Breakwater Beach Waterpark in Seaside Heights NJ in 2018 has grown to become a statewide effort with some annual records of over 600 suits collected and distributed throughout NJ to social service agencies and public pools.

Our Goal

With the new coordinated efforts of NJRPA, NJSSA and Dolfin Swimwear, the goal is to reach 1000 suits. The drive is held through July 15th and deserving agencies are all lining up for delivery.

Each bathing suit distributed will also have drowning prevention information and safety tips for parents included. The hope is to spread the word on drowning prevention.

We’re on Our Way

From a small Catholic School in Bergen County, Academy of Our Lady of Grace to American Dream Mall, the efforts have already gleamed 350 bathing suits.

Dolfin Swimwear kicked off the effort with a donation of 400 bathing suits inspiring others to do the same. Thanks to Dolfin, we have made it easy for you to participate. A drop box has been created with everything you need to have a successful campaign.

Swim suits lead to swim lessons! Swim lessons save lives!!

Contact:  Judith Leblein Josephs at [email protected] to register to be a part of this worthwhile effort.

Swimsuit Dropoff Locations

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