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Our first initiative is to get water safety information into the hands of parents.  Our board has been busy distributing postcards and posters to hospitals and preschools with what we believe are important tips for keeping kids safer in and around water. 


Click for our printable Water Safety materials

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Bathtub Safety

Water Safety starts at home!  Bathtime can help sooth a baby but being safe is paramount!  Click the image below for a great article from LIfespan with 5 bathtime safety tips!

Woman and child in bathtub.jpg


Don't assume someone else is supervising.  For your next pool party or beach getaway, make sure to designate a 'Water Watcher' to keep an eye on kids in and around the water.  Click the image to learn how to brush up on your water safety skills and become a Red Cross Water Watcher.

Adult Supervision.jpg


We know lifejacketw are important, but how do you know which is the right one to choose?  Click the image below for information on picking the right jacket


Pool Barriers and Fencing

If you have a pool at home, you must have a gate around it.  But a gate is more effective if it's safe and secure!  For more on pool barrieres, click the image for a short video.

Girl outside fence.jpg

Learn CPR

Become more prepared by Learning CPR!  Click on the link below to find classses in NJ near you!