Code of Ethics

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Core purpose

The purpose of the NJSSA is to unify all aquatic organizations into one cooperative, collaborative family. The NJSSA serves our state by advocating for viable, safe conduct and enjoyment of the critical life skill of swimming.

In order to achieve our core purpose, we ask that all members adhere to a Code of Conduct.  Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in membership being denied and/or withdrawn.  There are 2 key elements that drive our Membership Code of Conduct:


  1. Members of the NJ Swim Safety Alliance who are professionals in water safety, strive to use their combined expertise to guide the citizens of New Jersey in proper water safety practices across all areas of swimming. In doing so, we ask the public to place a high level of trust in our members and, in turn, our members must hold themselves to the highest level of ethical conduct when serving our communities.

  2. In order to be a collaborative voice of water safety in NJ, we must work alongside other swim professionals and business affiliates within our communities and treat each entity with respect across all public and private platforms.

Membership Guidance:

This Code of Conduct serves as guidance to our members in their dealings with the public, other swim professionals, business affiliates, and state legislators.  Failure to adhere to the NJ Swim Safety Alliance Code of Conduct may result in a review of membership.  Membership reviews will be conducted by the NJ Swim Safety Alliance Board of Directors and it is at the discretion of the BoD to withdraw or deny membership.


Standards of Excellence:  

Our Members should at all times

  1. Operate business in a way that is safe and healthy for clients, staff and the general public.

  2. Act tactfully and respectfully to all clients, guests and visitors and maintain the highest level of customer service.

  3. Strive to offer a variety of programs that are inclusive to race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

  4. Provide professional services and/or information that promotes water safety awareness to your customers and communities

  5. Be a beacon of safety and an exemplary model for positive community service and outreach. 

  6. Seek and maintain professional development in each member’s areas of expertise.  For swim professionals, this includes water safety, coaching, swim instruction and/or aquatic facility management.

  7. Shall not use or authorize the use of the name, logo, endorsement or property of the New Jersey Swim Safety Alliance without permission from the NJSSA Board of Directors.

  8. Shall not publicly use the NJSSA affiliation to promote partisan politics or religious matters except as it pertains to business associated to the NJSSA and approved by its Board of Directors

  9. Strive to promote and support all initiatives as set forth and approved by the NJSSA Board of Directors and not knowingly operate in any manner that is contrary to those initiatives.